You’ve scrolled through countless websites, flicked through so many catalogues and been searching everywhere for that lighting piece but have yet to find it.

Well, look no further as with Holdcroft Lighting & Home we give you the option to create your own piece. Anything you create using our products will be truly unique to you because we don’t sell on the high street. Our six step guide is here to help you create your own lighting masterpiece that will be the envy of all those who see it.

STEP 1: Choose your ceiling rose

Ceiling roses are the part of the light fitting that attaches to the ceiling. Changing this from a bog standard white ceiling rose will make all the difference to your finished light as its all about the small details.

STEP 2: Choose your flex

The lighting flex will be quite visible and is an integral part of your finished lighting piece. With so many colours and textures available it depends completely on your style as to whether you match the flex to blend with your room’s decor or you might want to choose a pop of colour to draw attention to your fitting if you have quite a neutral room.

STEP 3: Choose you lamp holder

The lamp holder is the component that secures the light bulb in place and attaches to the flex. There are a couple of things to consider when choosing your lamp holder:

  • Will you be using a lampshade? If so you will need to choose a threaded lamp holder
  • Do you want to use a decorative bulb? Make sure that your choice of bulb does not clash with your lamp holder.
  • Do you want a screw or bayonet fitting? The majority of decorative and general bulbs come in a screw fitting, but sometimes bayonet is a personal preference and we also have accessories to convert screw bulbs to bayonet.

STEP 4: Choose your bulb.

The bulb you choose can really add impact to your finished light fitting and the one you choose really depends on what appeals to you and what style you want to achieve. All of our bulbs are LED and around 4W, bear in mind that if you choose a bulb with coloured glass it will give out a more muted light.

STEP 5: Choose a cage/shade (optional).

This is completely up to you if you want to add a shade or cage to your fitting. There is a huge variety of them available (any easy fit shade or cage) so have a browse, or you might want to keep to a naked bulb. Just remember when looking that the shade is wide enough if you have chosen larger bulbs.

STEP 6: Time for an Electrician.

One option is to provide us with your design and measurements and we can make your fitting so it complies with all safety regulations, the cost of this service depends on the design you go for, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Option two is we send you all of the components and your electrician can put your fabulous piece together.

VOILA! You now have your own unique light fitting. We would love to see your creations so please send us a photo or tag us on social media.

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